Secret Santa celebrations at workplace

Secret Santa

Secret Santa


Workstations are being decorated!! Cubicles are being adorned with mistletoe, stars, streamers and danglers. Carols are being hummed in melodious tunes. The modern day traditions of exchanging gifts, songs of carolers which echo in the workstations are in full swing. Secret Santa has come in vogue over the past few years to celebrate the essence of Christmas at work. I remember seeing surprises on my desk, some whacky, some more creative and couldn’t hide my glee when I opened my gift and the entire office would yell HO HO HO!! We all would do the same if someone opened their gifts. It was more exciting to the recipient while keeping the Secret Santa’s identity under wraps.

Employees who participate, pick the name of another employee. Secret Santa events are planned over several weeks during which the Secret Santa slips gifts in secret to their pal or in some places they ask the Secret Santa to supply one gift at an ending event. The gift is often representative of the person’s work or hobbies. While it’s easy to go and buy a generic gift for someone but the essence of secret Santa is understood only when one tries to find out what their colleague wants and that’s what makes it personalized and thrilling. The idea of the organizations to incorporate this is to get employees involved in this process. You want to ensure that the employees are not forced into office celebrations that seem redundant. But if you can create traditions that fit with company objectives, it can actually work wonders. Some organizations also have replaced the traditional one-day gift exchange has changed into week-long Secret Santa extravaganza. This is a way to relieve holiday stress, as even arranging secret Santa can be stressful at times if not planned in advance.

Christmas cheer is fast spreading across corporate India. In a globalizing world, it’s not just the business best practices that are being brought in. All companies in India are also embracing tis secret Santa concept which has become synonymous with work place Christmas celebrations. Indian firms, with a growing pool of MNCs, are learning to rejoice Christmas with the same zeal and passion that their western counterparts do. It is a great way to create bonding between the company and employees. While the events remain more or less similar across companies but the scope, enthusiasm and anticipations has increased significantly over the years.

Many organizations in India are also incorporating events like, best dressed Santa, short story writing, cubicle decoration, fancy dress competitions, carol singing and also events like, puppet shows, dance shows which adds to the excitement of secret Santa celebrations. Organizations are now focusing on building laughter and cheerfulness and having employees relate their funniest holiday stories and make up funniest or craziest Christmas songs. However if you have planned to conduct your Secret Santa celebrations, employees will appreciate the celebrations and they will add to positive workplace motivation and it will definitely raise their morale. Let’s not however forget the true essence of Christmas which is to spread the love, laughter, joy, peace and most importantly a season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and be a Secret Santa for someone this Christmas.

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