E-commerce industry: A lucrative career option

The fast development of telecommunications technology in the past few decades is changing many aspects of our lives. In terms of how we search for information, how we travel and how we buy products or services’-commerce is a rapidly growing industry.

Due to the growing market and funds available for online shopping and technology, e-commerce is seeing growth within both the general market and in the amount of business startups coming to market. VK Menon, the director of career advancement services at the Indian School of Business (ISB), said that e-commerce companies made 81 offers to the school’s students, making up 28% of the overall job offers within the technology sector at the school. Leading these companies in terms of numbers of offers were Amazon, Flipkart, InMobi and Myntra.

The various reasons why E-commerce is the next career option in the future:

E-commerce provides you with information on all aspects
ECommerce exposes you to product marketing, supply chain, pricing and profit management, customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, customer service and much more.

E-commerce helps you become” customer centric”

E-commerce helps you to be customer friendly. It exposes you to not only what customers say they’ll do, but to what they actually do. Increasingly, it will illuminate the connection between consumers’ shopping behavior and their social behavior.

E-Commerce makes a huge difference to your life
E-commerce can help you in many practical ways. It could be promoting a specific brand, fund raising, starting up your own company. You can also turn your favorite hobby into an extra source of income. Being smart at eCommerce is something practical that can last a lifetime.

E-commerce accelerates your learning curve
E-Commerce gives you the chance to do lots of testing, and you get a report card back from the customer every day if not every minute. This real-time feedback loop accelerates your Marketing learning curve exponentially.

Career options in E-commerce

Web Developers and Webmasters

Web developers and webmasters must keep up with the changes and innovations in website design and maintenance, as well as data security issues. In some businesses, Web developers and webmasters may also be responsible for making marketing decisions as well as handling the technical aspects of running a website.

Advertising and Marketing Managers
Advertising and marketing managers can use e-commerce effectively to create opportunities for clients and potential clients advertising opportunities on other websites and work with colleagues to create attractive, effective advertising and promotional campaigns.

Online Store Owner
A person with knowledge in e-commerce may decide to open his or her own online store or commercial website, promoting or selling the goods and services that he or she wants to sell.

E-commerce Consultant
Those who have learned e-commerce can help businesses develop their own online retail efforts. An e-commerce consultant may be self-employed or work for a consulting firm. Business owners, who want to sell products or services, or promote their business online, may want to hire a consultant to provide initial guidance in setting up a business plan.
“Two years back, students graduating from top B-schools like the IIMs would ask if there was job security in e-commerce,” Kunal Bah, co-founder of Snapdeal and Wharton graduate, says of the results. “They wanted jobs in consulting and I-banks. But things have changed quite dramatically as these youngsters realize jobs in startups offer a larger canvas for them to make an impact.” So ecommerce is definitely the next big thing in India.

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